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About Us

Marketing Events and Advertising EOOD was established in 2014 with main Business activity of trading and marketing.
Al-Amar BG, our recent business line of perfumery oils, fragrances for home and its accessories got developed as part of the family business due to several unique factors.

The whole family are devoted fans of fine fragrances, and thanks to many trips to the countries of the Middle East we were all enchanted by the perfume oils that are part of everyday life there.
The destiny gathered me with an International arbitration consultant Ahmed Hamed, who made the commitment to import the products of his native Egypt, the cradle of perfumery science.This was the beginning of Al Amar - a brand that carries the mystery of the East and the sophisticated taste of Europe.

The interior of our stores is designed to bring a sense of coziness, exotic and luxury.

Perfume oils are direct imports from Egypt and the Middle East countries. The high viscosity of the perfume essences allows them to be effectively long-lasting while maintaining its rich aroma.
Aromatic oil is multifunctional for use. Besides for personal use, it is also used in room aroma equipment. Thanks to its purity and concentration, the perfume oil essence leaves a lasting aroma that has the unique property of eliminating all other stubborn odors and reminding of itself for more than 10 hours.

Room aromas are created thanks to the millennial culture of Pharaohs. Thousands of years have been needed to reach the exact formula of extracting aromatic tree and plant extracts and blend in a way that will make them distinct and long lasting. Home fragrances created for burning or evaporation, regardless of the method, have the ability to cling to fabrics, curtains, carpets, soak up the furniture tree, and leave a light, lasting memory of perfume throughout the home.