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Farash Kashkha

Farash Kashkha | Best price from
Farash Kashkha | Best price from
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Farash Kashkha | Best price from
Farash Kashkha | Best price from
Farash Kashkha
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Now available Car and room aroma spray. Ideal for instant effect of good smell for your car and room With the magical smell of Kashkha scent. 300ml elegant pack with spray volume control option. Grab yours now. Limited quantity.


ARABIC WORD MEANING :    Room Freshener for the Stylish

Air Fresheners
Swiss Arabian knows best how important it is to feel good in each room. You can't be present somewhere without being accompanied by the scents you have chosen to represent your essence. Just imagine the tiny drops of fragrance filling the room where you have chosen to spend your time. Exploding molecules of cederwood, sandalwood, oudh, amber, shoothing notes of patchouli, crispy notes of grapefruit and Caribbean lime, rich aroma of delicate lotus flowers and the evergreen precious agarwood.

The magic of the fragrances will accompany you wherever you may be. They will stick with you and contribute to the performance of your tasks during the day, or will help you relax in the enjoyment of a well-deserved rest.

Complete your Swiss Arabian collection, choose the endless freshness.


The history of Swiss Arabian is an enchanting tale that spans over 40 years. This pioneer in Arabian perfumes was founded in 1974 by Mr. Hussein Adam Ali, a visionary young man from Yemen with a wealth of knowledge and a deep passion for perfumery.


Swiss Arabian’s brand products
The brand’s line of products consists of high-quality concentrated perfume oils, eau de parfum, spray perfumes, bakhoor (incense), gift sets and air fresheners.

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