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Oud for the royals.

Dehn el Ood Malaki is an intense leathery, woody fragrance made with the highest quality oud. It is inspired by the majestic and the noble and those who reach for it will bask in oud fit for royalty.

Dehn el Ood Malaki opens with rich leathery notes that set the tone for the epic fragrance journey that lies ahead. From the leather comes sensual animalic facets: musks and pelts that add a frisson of anticipation to the centrepiece. The base encompasses a golden oud that dazzles with its quality and resonance. Dehn el Ood Malaki enrobes you in majestic folds of liquid gold.

Dehn el Ood Malaki is a unisex eau de parfum spray. It is ideally suited to a summer’s day.


ARABIC WORD MEANING : Extraction of Oud for Royals

SWISS ARABIAN Spray perfumes
Redefining the intuitive blend of the finest perfumery art.
Swiss Arabian’s spray perfumes are bound to evoke a unique locket of memories that are not only exquisite, but undoubtedly sacred.

They are blended using only the most precious ingredients. Designed to warm up a winter night, they blossom over the skin with a scent of saffron strands, delicate orange flower and jasmine. The flowers melt like sugared petals into delectable caramel and candy floss, with mouth-watering vivacity. Leading you down to a golden sunset of intimacy scented with silky white amber and earthy oak moss, the aromas will accompany you long after the memories of your longed-for precious moments have taken their spot in the deepest portions of your soul.

The perfume’s combinations are created with the most precious blooms, as if you were walking on a sea of petals. Your beauty is enhanced with white roses, iris and white musk. The delicate nuance of raspberry mirrors the blush on your cheek as you luxuriate in the scent of warm cashmere, smooth sandalwood and velvety musks. The scent is designed to bring an inner glow to your soul - it wraps you in a golden aura of scent as you bask in its unique fragrance. Leather, resins and inky nagarmotha tempt the radiant fruit towards a sultry afternoon. A velvet cloak of oud and musk enrobes you in the sun-kissed heat of this unforgettable day, that makes your heart flutter for reasons you will only share in secret.

Swiss Arabian adheres to maintaining constant quality and thoroughness. That’s why the product’s range flawlessly showcases the sense of Eastern culture, utilizing various fragrances designed for every taste. The unadulterated scent of oriental magic from vanilla, musk, roses, sandalwood, patchouli and many others can be felt from a distance.


The history of Swiss Arabian is an enchanting tale that spans over 40 years. This pioneer in Arabian perfumes was founded in 1974 by Mr. Hussein Adam Ali, a visionary young man from Yemen with a wealth of knowledge and a deep passion for perfumery.

Swiss Arabian’s brand products
The brand’s line of products consists of high-quality concentrated perfume oils, eau de parfum, spray perfumes, bakhoor (incense), gift sets and air fresheners.


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