Christmas, name days, and holidays - a time in which everyone gets better. At least for a while we
want to bring joy. To friends and family, family and even to yourself. December is the month of the
home, the holidays are for the family. The home - the place where you feel secure, the tranquility
that surrounds you by closing the front door behind your back. The world with all the tension
remains out there. At home it smells of coziness, warmth and protection. On these festive days, we
most want to be able to rest, recharge and forget about the hectic everyday life. Aromatherapy is the
great solution to this. Aromatherapy means aromatherapy. Worldwide, aromatherapy is gradually
becoming a popular treatment method. In Japan, engineers use aromatic systems in new buildings. In
such an installation, the aroma of lavender and rosemary spreads in the customer's area to reassure
waiting customers, while lemon and eucalyptus flavors keep bank employees focused. Aromatherapy
is used to:
Relieving pain,
Maintaining skin health,
Releasing the voltage,
Anxiety and fatigue,
To strengthen and relax the whole body.
Aroma lamps are special "devices" made mainly of ceramics, refractory glass or other material by
which the oil is heated (mostly by a tea candle) and the air in the room is saturated with billions of
aromatic molecules. It is aromatized and disinfected - the aromatic molecules swallow and destroy
the many viruses, bacteria and fungi in the room. In the aroma lamp, the essential oils are placed in a
water bath - pour a small amount of water into the designed pan for 5 to 15 drops of the selected
essential oil. The degree of dilution depends on the type of oil. It is important to note that in order to
be effective aromatherapy, quality oils.
We offer you a unique gift set of aroma lamp and 30 ml of aromatic lavender oil with a compliment
of tea candle to change the atmosphere at home or in the office. The fragrance oil will satisfy your
home needs for more than 6 months in everyday use. Aroma lamp in the shape of a small ceramic
teapot fits in any interior and brings coziness.
The set is also suitable for a gift to occasion and no occasion. The scent of lavender is extremely
suitable for offices, and for living and sleeping at home. Putting it in the kitchen and dining room will
allow the aromatic oil to absorb all other odors from food and preparations and leave behind a slight
odor of freshness.

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