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Al Waseem is an intriguing and complex blend of fragrance notes, which will keep them guessing about the man beneath the scent.

Al Waseem opens with a combination of freshly bloomed white flowers, including classic lily of the valley, adding a veneer of French sophistication. The herbal tones add a classy fougère style to the scent. At the heart of the fragrance, spices and florals mix into a fascinating blend of Spring hyacinth and spiced cumin. Velvety orris sets off spiced pepper as this addictive accord beds down into its long-lasting base notes. Combining sharp cedar with the rich, golden strokes of agarwood, a backdrop of earthy patchouli and sensual musks adds a finishing touch of perfection.

Al Waseem is a spicy, floral, woody fragrance for men. It is ideally suited to warmer seasons.

For the man of intrigue.


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