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Intense for Men

Like Nothing Before

She gazes at him; his magnetic presence makes it feel like he is the only man in the room. When he glances up, she is already looking at him, with a small secret smile. He meets her gaze and she is unable to steal her eyes away. She can sense the power of his spirit, of his heartbeat and of his passion and she knows that once their eyes lock together, she will never be able to look at any other in the same way.

This is like nothing you ever felt before.

This is Intense lntense for Him is the new fragrance for men from Sapil perfumes. It opens with fresh spicy notes of lavender and ginger, accentuated with zesty lemon and mint for a vigorous start. The heart is composed of fresh green apple notes, cardamom from Guatemala, juniper and peppery geranium. This is a statement fragrance that tells people who you are. The base is a tender harmony of precious vetiver from Haiti, warm Tonka and a virile finish of Amberwood. lntense is a fresh spicy fragrance with a warm woody finish. It is designed for daytime wear for the modern man about town who lives life to the fullest.

Top notes:            Lemon, ginger, lavander, mint

Heart notes:        Guatemalan cardamon, juniper, apple, geranium

Base notes:        Haltlan vetiver, tonka bean, amberwood



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Sapil’s collection for Men is classically styled and lavender-themed, with woody notes of silver birch reflecting the conflict between playing it safe and pushing the envelope.  The passionate and unquenchable curiosity he has for the world is encapsulated within the heart and soul of the fragrances. The dynamic opening, along with the sober base notes, manage to depict and encaplsulate his impulsive disposition flawlessly. The dynamic nature of the brand transforms into your brand-new signature.

Sapil’s collection for Women moulds a heady and precious floral accord with rich tuberose and potent jasmine sambac. The honeysuckle notes add a sweetness, progressing into a warm aroma of vanilla, accompanied by sensual woody nuances, as the base notes deliver their long-lasting allure. The coalescence of a fruity redolence with a warm woody finish is designed for the unconstrained woman, unafraid to push the envelope at any given time. The wonderful incorporation of precious jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, tuberose and green notes encaptures an undisputed sense of femininity.

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