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Sandal OIL
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Sandal OIL

Gold can be found in the everyday and the seemingly mundane. It’s in the golden laughter of a newborn child, and the twinkle in the eye of the old and wise. It is in the first ray of sunlight and in every ray of sunlight that follows. Why, gold can even be found in the silvery light of the moon, and in the silent darkness of night.

The fragrance of sandalwood is the echo of a glorious past. You can find the fragrance in the corridors of Mysore’s iconic palaces built for the queens and sultans of India. This scent is a combination of sacred pure mysore sandalwood top notes, woody middle notes and musky base notes. A fragrance that is pure heaven, it’s a scent that you spritz on to welcome the gold into your life.

The sandalwood oil cannot be held in anything apart from bottle as golden as the rising sun. Stoppered with a gold knob, it also comes encased in a box of gold to match.  


TOP NOTE:              PURE MYSORE Sandalwood, ROSE, MOSS, VANILLA,
MIDDLE NOTE:        SAFFRON, AMBER, Woody, Spicy

BASE NOTE:            sandal, oudh, VIOLET, Musk


NABEEL Oil perfumes
Fragrance, precious sense, touch of nature, perfect body, sensual aroma. A lot can be said about Nabeel’s oil perfumes and yet, words cannot describe the feeling of ecstasy that a single drop exudes. Thoughts are transferring you away to the sheikh's palace. You can feel the sea breeze carrying a stunning scent of ripe exotic fruits and smell the fragrance of redolent flowers. Yes, you’re back to the time of legends. Everything comes to life before your eyes, you relax and merge with the irresistible impact of the most expensive oud, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, amber, in their purest species and perfect combinations with bergamot, roses, musk, orchids, jasmine and vanilla. Your mind calms down and doesn’t want to leave this state of expected nirvana. The incomparable quality of oil perfumes is proof of their stainless flavours, whether you are under the hot sun or in the cool sea waters.

The oils are selected to suit both men and women. Some of them are unisex.



The success of Nabeel is attributed to its motto: “BE DARING, BE FIRST, BE DIFFERENT”.
Asghar Adam Ali (Al Attar), the pioneering force and the founder, founded Nabeel in 1969. He nurtured Nabeel like his own child, leading the path through every dark tunnel towards success.

He created a flourishing business through sheer hard work, perseverance, and unparalleled adherence to stringent quality standards. Аll this prodigious effort led to a treasure of quality perfumery that is relished by men and women alike.

Standing by its etymological meaning “Noble” — in Arabic — today, the brand “Nabeel” has evolved into a thriving corporation, thanks to the visionary leadership of its founder and the dedicated efforts of “Team Nabeel.”


Nabeel’s brand products
The brand’s line of products consists of: high-quality oil perfumes, spray perfumes, incense, toiletries and gift sets.


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