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Your sanctuary.

A welcoming start of fresh lemon and lavender invites you in and adds brightness and feelings of light.  Merging gently into a beautiful landscape of sea and forests, this beguiling bakhoor brings the wonders of the world outside into the heart of your home. Nagarmotha provides the earthy green scent of the forest underfoot, while marine notes evoke the ocean beyond. Wrapped warmly in a base of golden amber and deep patchouli, Dukhoon Al Haram is a comforting and beautiful fragrance that brings the beauty of the outdoors into your home.


ARABIC WORD MEANING : Incense of The Sanctuary

Bakhoor (Incense)

A symphony of scent. The scent of harmony.
Bakhoor is the perfect product for your home. The place where a person spends his or her most yearned-for time deserves a treat. The longing for peace, pleasure and safety makes the choice of an iconic fragrance the answer to your fine taste for in-home comfort. Bakhoor is an intense wood fragrance made by an extraction from the most precious trees - it’s a surprise you’ve never dreamed of. When you burn a bakhoor, it exposes a mesmerizing blend of luxurious notes merging with a precious bland. Rose and spice mingle into the powdery notes of citrus and aldehydes blurring softly into one another, gathering heat as the peppery spices of geranium and nutmeg take centre stage. A breeze of heady Damascene rose and sober heliotrope adds a touch of elegance in the air. The base intensifies into a leathery, earthy finish of labdanum and patchouli. Through the mists of soft musk looms a gleaming golden drop of precious oud: the final resonating note of a beautiful symphony.

The ever-so-persistent aroma floats in the air tempting you with its invitation of roses bathed in the pure gold of precious oud, adding to the petals’ strength and making for a dreamy breeze of rose gold.
As the earthy green galbanum melds with the warmest amber, the harmony is enhanced with spicy saffron, aromatic cardamom and the heat of cloves. The island mist intensifies as new layers create an intense symphony of scent, reaching a masterful crescendo with patchouli, more waves of amber, velvety sandalwood and finally, a cloak of golden oud rounding off the final act and lingering away on this magical isle.
Invite the heavenly beauty of the garden closer to your heart with bakhoor. You’ll surrender to the joy of greenery, exotic petals and luscious plump blackcurrants. This mouth-watering feast heralds the entrance of dainty violets, heady jasmine and blushing pink Bulgarian roses. Smoky opoponax adds depth, wreathing you in a golden richness and melting seamlessly into creamy vanilla accords. A welcoming final act of precious oud, wisps of incense and feathery musks helps you succumb to pure pleasure as the exquisite aroma surrounds you.
The range of bakhoor that Swiss Arabian offers can satisfy even the most refined taste.


The history of Swiss Arabian is an enchanting tale that spans over 40 years. This pioneer in Arabian perfumes was founded in 1974 by Mr. Hussein Adam Ali, a visionary young man from Yemen with a wealth of knowledge and a deep passion for perfumery.


Swiss Arabian’s brand products
The brand’s line of products consists of high-quality concentrated perfume oils, eau de parfum, spray perfumes, bakhoor (incense), gift sets and air fresheners.

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